Fisheries in Kerala is a sector with enormous and unrealised potential with respect to production and contributions to State income; with respect to incomes for the people; and with respect to nutritional outcomes for consumers. To realise Kerala’s potential in the sector requires modernisation, scientific and technical progress, and enlightened public action.


Kerala is a location of world significance with regard to its abundant natural resources in respect of fisheries. It is endowed with a coastline rich in marine fish resources and extensive inland water bodies. These water bodies consist of brackish-water backwaters, natural and artificial lakes, tanks, ponds, and fields, reservoirs, and other water bodies.


Ecological conditions in Kerala make a wide range of fish farms – in terms of scale and type of farm – possible. These include marine capture fisheries, mariculture enterprises, brackish water fish cultivation, and small, medium and large freshwater pisciculture.


Kerala can draw on an educated labour force to develop modern scientific, technical, and working skills in the sector. There is a ready internal market for fish and fish products. This is an area of substantial export potential as well. Active local governments and people’s participation provide a support mechanism for decentralised fishery development that is not available elsewhere. Fisheries is a sector that has received increased Government support over the past four years and efforts with respect to the revitalisation of waterbodies and fisheries management have resulted in an increase in inland fish production of about 15 per cent between 2014-15 and 2018-19, despite the major setback caused by the floods of 2018-19.


Despite the progress, and the official and public enthusiasm that have contributed to recent growth, the fact remains that the potential of the sector remains underutilised.  

The session on fisheries will attempt to learn from best practices in India and elsewhere with respect to production, the creation of marketing and supply chain infrastructure, and processing in the fisheries sector.

The following themes will be covered  by the session.

  • Marine fisheries. Capture fishing and mariculture prospects, including deep sea fishing.
  • Brackish water fisheries. Utilising Kerala’s backwater resources.
  • Freshwater inland fisheries. Issues of varieties, scale, productivity.
  • Marketing and supply chains.
  • Fish processing and value-addition.
  • The future of fisheries education and training


The session will draw on national and international expertise in the relevant fields. Preparatory working sessions will be held before the final conference.

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