Mr. N V Varghese
Vice Chancellor, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, NCERT Campus, New Delhi

Professor N.V. Varghese is currently  Vice Chancellor of the National University of Educational Plannning and Administration, New Delhi. He holds a doctoral degree in Economics with specialization in  educational planning. He was  the founding  Director of the Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education (CPRHE/NIEPA), New Delhi (2013-2019);  Head of Governance and Management in Education  at the International  Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP/UNESCO), Paris (2006- 2013);   Head of its  Training and Education Programmes at IIEP, Paris (2001- 2006) and Head of higher education  and specialized training, at IIEP, Paris (1999-2001). He  was responsible for designing and  introducing  the IIEP  Master’s programme in educational  planning  and management. While  at IIEP, he was the Secretary General and responsible for the Secretariat  of  the International  Working Group on Education (IWGE) which is a network of  funding agencies in education.

 In the 1990s   he was  Professor and Head of  Educational Planning  at NIEPA, New Delhi. He was also  Head of the DPEP Cell in NIEPA.  He was responsible for  managing an Asian  regional network –  the Asian Network of Training and Research Institutions in Educational Planning (ANTRIEP) and was editor of its Newsletter.  He  was  responsible for developing  methodologies of  decentralized planning and  was  leading activites  associated with educational planning at the federal and decentralised levels in India. He was also responsible for the design and development of externally funded education projects in India during 1992-1999.  

 He has been member of several Internatioanl Boards/Committes and  editorial Boards of Journals.  He is also  the Chief Editor of the Journal for Educational PLannning and Administration. He has  directed  several national and international research  projects;  carried out  research projects  in several countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and  CIS region; published more than 30  books and research reports, and more  than  200 research papers  and articles in  academic Journals in the  areas related to educational planning, financing and higher education. 

Recent books 

  1. India Higher Education Report 2019: Governance of higher education (with Garima Malick), Sage, New Delhi,2020. 
  2.  Governance in Higher Education: A Handbook for Vice Chancellors (Coauthor), University Grants Commission, New Delhi , 2019
  3. Education Democracy and Development (with M. Bandopadhyay) Shipra for NIEPA, New Delhi, 2019. 
  4.  India Higher Education Report 2018 : Financing of Higher Education  ( with Jinusha Panigrahi)  Sage, New Delhi, 2019. 


  1. India Higher Education Report 2017 : Teaching, learning and quality in higher education  ( with Anupam Pachauri and Sayantan Mandal), Sage, New Delhi  2018.


  1. India Higher Education Report 2016 : Equity  ( with N.Sabarwal and C.M.Malish), Sage New Delhi 2018.


  1. India Higher Education Report 2015 ( with Garima Malick),  Routledge,  (Francis and Taylor group  ( London and New Delhi), 2016. 


  1. Reforms and Changes in Governance of Higher Education in Africa, Paris, IIEP/UNESCO, 2017. 


  1. From Schooling to Learning ( IWGE Report),  Paris, IIEP/NESCO, ( 2014).


  1. Higher Education  in Asia : Expanding out and Expanding up – the rise  of graduate educaiton and  university research, (co-author) Montreal, UIS (2014). 


  1.  Governance reforms in higher education: A study of institutional autonomy in Asian countries (With Michaela Martin) Paris, IIEP/UNESCO (2014).


  1.  Diversification of Post-Secondary Education, Paris, IIEP/UNESCO, (2014).


  1.  Higher education in regional and city development:  State of Penang, Malaysia (co-author), Paris, OECD, (2011).


  1. Financing Education: Redesigning national strategies and the global aid architecture (with Lene Buchert), Paris, IIEP/UNESCO (2011).
  2. Directions in Educational Planning: International experiences and perspectives (with Mark Bray), Paris: IIEP/UNESCO (2011).

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