February 1-3, 2021



Kerala State Planning Board

About the Conference

Kerala is poised for a great transformation.

Kerala has been, and remains, the most important example in independent India of the power of public action to improve the well-being of the people and to transform social, political, and cultural conditions in a State.

Today, it is committed to a path of development that will develop, enhance, and modernise the productive sectors of the economy; expand employment in various sectors with an emphasis on creating jobs for educated youth; strengthen and upgrade public education and health; and build upon the network of social welfare and reform measures that are part of the rich legacy of public action in the State.

Kerala Looks Ahead is an International Conference and Consultation that will serve as a platform for the Government of Kerala to learn from the experiences and best practices across the world in its efforts to modernise the economy and bring the benefits of high growth and inclusive development to all the people of Kerala. It is scheduled to be held from February 1 to 3, 2021


The Conference will discuss the future prospects for Kerala in key areas, including agriculture, animal resources, fisheries, e-governance, higher education, industry, information technology, skill development, and tourism. There are two special sessions – on Local Governments and Federalism and Development Financing – that will showcase Kerala’s initiatives in the respective fields. There will also be a special industry session that will discuss a roadmap for the future industrial growth in Kerala.

The Kerala State Planning Board is the main organiser of the Conference. The Conference will be held online.

Policymakers, scholars, youth, students and teachers, representatives of industry and of farmers, social workers, persons in public life, and interested persons from all walks of life interested industry groups, associations, organisations and institutions are invited to join us at Kerala Looks Ahead and in this endeavour.

How to attend the Conference

All are welcome to attend. There is no registration for the event. The proceedings of the Conference are in English. All the sessions will be live-streamed on this website and YouTube. To view a particular session, visit the conference website keralalooksahead.com. The viewer has the following options. Select the view live button provided on the Homepage. On clicking the same, the viewer will be redirected to the Schedule page. Click on the View icon provided against each session to view the live streaming of the session. Alternatively, select the Schedule tab provided in the Homepage. Click on the View icon provided against each session to view the live streaming of the session. For the special invitees, zoom links will be provided.

Inaugural Session

Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan

Chief Minister of Kerala


Minister for Revenue and Housing

Shri. K. Krishnankutty

Minister for Water Resources

Shri. A.K. Saseendran

Minister for Transport

Shri. Ramachandran Kadannappally

Minister for Ports, Museums, Archaeology and Archives

Amartya Sen

University Professor Harvard University

Joseph Stiglitz

University Professor,
Columbia University

Soumya Swaminathan

Chief Scientist
World Health Organization

V K Ramachandran

Vice Chairperson
Kerala State Planning Board



Kerala State Planning Board.
Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram KERALA 695 004